School Management

Message from the President

Mr. Ananda M.A

B.Sc., L.L.B.

We need to prepare students from a very young age to act as responsible contributors to the society and initial education plays the first and foremost role to instill that sense of responsibility. Here, at Indian high school, we focus on value-based learning which not only makes students excellent professionals but also responsible and empathetic citizens.

In my 40+ years of experience in the education sector, I have seen that the atmosphere you are given as a child determines the kind of individual you grow up to be. My only goal is to give the best environment to a child to study, grow and develop a dynamic personality. Because a child with strong sense of worth and undying confidence will survive and succeed wherever he/ she chooses to go.

Hence, apart from strong academic learning, these basic concepts form the crux of IHS’s learning framework and I am very proud of my dedicated and hardworking staff who strive continuously to inculcate such qualities to their student cohort.

Message from the Secretary

Mrs. Sowbhagyalakshmi H.M

M.A., M.Ed.

I believe children are the greatest power in the world and shaping them into good human beings should be the main goal of schooling.

It is the duty of parents, teachers and the education system to maintain this essential goodness in children and to not force opinion and adult prejudice onto their minds but rather teach them open-mindedness, tolerance, goodness and life skills.

We at Indian high school are strong believers of these attributes and strive to get the best out of our children on these lines.

Message from the CAO

Mr. Karun M.A

B.E., M.Sc. Mgmt.

I strongly believe in the unique potential of every child. There is a leader within everyone who has something worthy and significant to offer and therefore it becomes important that their innate talents be discovered, nurtured and unleashed. My personal and professional goal is to give the platform to each and every student to learn and follow their passion without any inhibitions and unnecessary pressure.

From the very inception of IHS, as the admin, my objective has been to create a culture where every child can come out of his/ her comfort zone and is not afraid to explore, interact and innovate; be it while studying, performing or orchestrating a new idea. The course and curriculum has been designed in such a way that apart from course work, the child has the freedom to think out of the box and apart from the ordinary.

This culture of belongingness, peer-learning, mutual respect and innovation makes sure that your child doesn’t stop thinking at the obvious and is open to the unlimited possibilities of making things happen. This thought process is what distinguishes success from failure and will go a long way in shaping up your child's future.